Parabola West is an artist who cuts straight to the heart with her crystal vocals and layered melodies. Drawing inspiration from Nordic folk roots, electronica, and organic sounds, this Raglan-based artist is evolving into a soundscape storyteller.

Following the release of her acclaimed single "Fire" in October 2015 and a successful INDIEGOGO crowd funding campaign in 2016, West is now preparing to release her next EP. Recorded with Producer and Engineer Scott Newth at ‘The Porch' recording studio, the 7-track EP (including "Fire") will incorporate a range of instrumentation and electronica to take the listener on a journey. The thread of continuity is her unmistakable lyrical storytelling and piano-driven writing.


Music, to me, is a vital creative outlet where meaning and stories are expressed and where I give myself permission to be as I feel.  Even as a little girl growing up on the east coast of America, I longed to be a performer and was fascinated by music’s impact on our lives and memories.  I come from a very musical family and singing together was a very natural thing we did.
— Parabola West

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