Parabola West: Out Of The Rabbit Hole by ANIA GLOWACZ

Released in 2014, Parabola West ’s first EP ‘Did You Hear’ revealed an accomplished musician and songwriter, with an evident hippy-, or at least alternate lifestyle-bent. Besides being very much a form of therapy, music creation is for her a mixture of precise structure and imperfect elements – rather like the New Zealand nature, where she has found her happy place. She talked with Ania Glowacz about her second EP, titled ‘Purity Of Weakness’.

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Parabola West - EP Review: Purity Of Weakness

Parabola West - EP Review: Purity Of Weakness


If ever there were a musical artist whose name sparked curiosity, than Parabola West (real name Amy) is it. Sounds somewhat like a complicated scientific description of something or a character from Westside, fortunately it is the former. The self-confessed “math and science nerd” says that she experiences music as “a combination of emotion, science, and math – a mixture of precise structure and imperfect elements.” So there you have it, I think it sounds other worldly and mysterious and I am now enlightened about a symmetrical open plane curve and the fact that there is a genre called Folktronica, this is a wonderful thing.

Parabola West not only sounds ethereal in name but also in sound, her music is an alternative mix of “folk influenced, Nordic style, and electronic” hence the term Folktronica. Her latest creation is a stunning 7 track EP titled Purity of Weakness, the name of this EP “expresses the idea that when you feel at your weakest, the true essence of your character is often revealed”.

Originally from East Coast America and hailing from a very musical family, Amy began writing songs as a teenager. She moved to New Zealand in 2003 where after a ten year break from music, she launched her solo career as Parabola West. 

Amy and her husband decided to get out of the rat race of Auckland to live off the grid in Raglan; she feels more connected to nature and has changed her music accordingly, I could hear that in her sound I could almost feel the light and love and there is no doubt that this is very beautiful and clever music, tinkling, soft, flowing perhaps a touch haunting, the piano weaving its way through the tracks adding a richness and depth, a thread of electronica adding yet another dimension.

Track 3 Fire, is the launching point to Purity of Weakness and was received with great enthusiasm, in the artists words it is the “seduction of self-destruction”. Personally as soon as I heard the first few chords playing, I envisioned dragons swooping around a turbulent grey sky, the hauntingly beautiful Celtic sound sending tingles to my toes.

The lyrics which Parabola West has crafted, take you from the melancholy through to the cheerful and optimistic. A good example of this is Track 5 Nowhere to be Found, this is one of those songs that you could get lost in, it has the ability to make you misty eyed with its evocative lyrics and soul-stirring arrangement. I snapped out of my reflective mood as the next track Rabbit Hole pulled me out of my revere with its infectious and upbeat melody. I found the unexpected contrast refreshing.

Parabola West, the unique singer songwriter living off the grid in Raglan it seems has touched the hearts of many, to quote a wonderful line from another reviewer “the beneficiary of immense fan support”

I just want to make special mention of the beautiful photography and artistic flair on both her website and EP.

This EP is a lush mix of Celtic / Nordic, Folk, and Electronic, it is mystical and magical and everything you could expect from an artist with the name of Parabola West.

Review written by Corinne Rutherford


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Parabola West creates a sublime blend of folk and electronic influences which is taken to another level when combined with the beautiful and haunting vocals of Amy Tucker. Part Eivør, part CHVRCHES, but very much original – that’s a good summary of her new track, the ballad-like Disappear.

Tucker describes the track as being ‘the story walking with someone through addiction, through the ups and the downs. It’s a complicated journey for everyone involved’, something that is amplified by  watching the video for the song.

Disappear is the first release since West’s 2015 single Fire and is a worthy addition to Tucker’s impressive back catalogue, with its pure and almost angelic vocals, evocative piano and brooding synths.  The track is the first release ahead of her upcoming 7-track EP, Purity of Weakness, due out  in September for which she is currently funding via Indiegogo.

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