MMF NZ - Parabola West 'Purity of Weakness'

Parabola West is to release her new EP, Purity of Weakness, on 8th September - an upcoming 7-song EP from this emerging artist, showcasing her unique blend of ethereal soundscapes and well-crafted songwriting.

Parabola West has carved out a sound of her own with the upcoming 7-track EP.  The official release event will be held at Galatos on September 8th, and will include a live performance of the EP along with accompanying visual art.

Purity of Weakness features the breakout single, 'Fire', as well as her latest singles,  'Disappear' and 'Do you want to know?'. West’s piano-driven singer-songwriter bones combine with an ethereal and electronic edge to create something truly unique.  

Originally from East Coast America, Parabola West began writing songs as a teenager.  She moved to New Zealand in 2003 and after a 10 year "corporate world" break from music, she returned to her musical roots and launched her solo career as Parabola West in 2013. Her debut EP Did You Hear? was released in March 2014 to great reviews.  The much anticipated follow-up was her hit single 'Fire' in October 2015, which received a $10,000 recording and video grant from NZonAir.

With the help of fans who supported her successful 2016 INDIEGOGO crowd funding campaign Parabola West was able to record Purity of Weakness earlier this year and will release the EP on 8th September, 2017.

And as for the name? The self-confessed “math and science nerd” says that she experiences music as “a combination of emotion, science, and math – a mixture of precise structure and imperfect elements.”

“One day, whilst researching how to build my own parabolic solar heater, I became incredibly interested in the way a parabolic curve focuses light onto a fixed point. It reminded me of the way I focus my emotions and experiences into music... and the name Parabola was born.”

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