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ALTERNATIVE UPCOMING artist Parabola West and her piano-driven, folk influenced, and electronic styles of music have culminated to create her highly anticipated new EP Purity of Weakness, which is officially being launched in Auckland on September 8.

“I couldn't be more excited about this music and live show,” says Parabola West when asked about her upcoming EP release at Galatos in Auckland.

With intentions to “launch the CD in style,” this live event is not to be missed. For only a $10 entry fee, you can enjoy the world-class talent and amazing aesthetic spectacle of Parabola West and her live release event, where she will perform the whole EP highlighted by her released single ‘Fire’.

Parabola West has seen this whole experience as “very humbling” and says she feels “all love and overwhelming gratitude” to those who have helped her to achieve this milestone and continue to support her success. Making everyone proud is important for Parabola West when the EP officially releases.

“I just want everyone to just groove to it and love it,” she explains when asked what she wants people to think of Purity of Weakness. “I have so many more songs to share and I really want this release to be a platform for much more live performance and studio recordings.”

Amidst a very busy year for Parabola West, this live release event is sure to be one that has made the journey worthwhile, and Parabola West intends on making it as visually stunning as it will be musically.

“Other than the music itself, I’m really focused on creating a magical experience for the audience and making this release event as visually engaging as possible,” she adds.

With the live release event at the Galatos in Auckland September 8, Parabola West encourages you to buy tickets to the event now or you might miss out. For all ticket inquiries and purchasing information, visit the official Parabola West website mentioned below. Through the website, you can also pre-order Purity of Weakness if you want to be one of the first to hear this EP and show your support to one of New Zealand’s greatest upcoming artists.

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About Parabola West:

Originally from East Coast America, Parabola West began writing songs as a teenager.  She moved to New Zealand in 2003 and after a 10 year break from music, she returned to her musical roots and launched her solo career as Parabola West in 2013. Her debut EP Did You Hear? was released in March 2014 to great reviews.  The much anticipated follow-up was her hit single, ‘Fire’ ( ) in October 2015, which received a $10,000 recording and video grant from NZonAir.

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